Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Return On Investment–ROI for a Small Private Cloud project


This is one of the Most common words in IT industry you keep hearing ,ROI study and ROI for this project . in this Short post I will try to make it simple by using example from the IT industry not just by using the raw info .

it’s a performance measure to determine the efficiency

Example :

you want a new servers for building a new private cloud used as a sandbox (Testing) .

Step 1: getting the cost of Accruing those servers ( servers cost + software licenses cost + cost of implementing those ) you will end up with a number (Ex. $100,000 )

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Private Cloud Higher utilization and additional unit Marginal cost/ benefit



you need to run 10 applications (LOB) shall you proceed with Private cloud ?

(the servers cost is used as example only )

each physical server costs $15K (16GB Ram ,6Cores , 1TB Storage )

Now you sum up to 150K

Now we got to the cloud part by using the cloud you removed the physical boundaries with will lead to Higher utilization (I am using the same HW in the physical example)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

(Part-4) Step By Step VMware Site Recovery Manager - SRM and EMC SAN with SRDF

In the previous posts we went through Installing and configuring SRM and also installing the EMC Storage SRA and configure the array manager connection,
Now we will go through Creating our first Protection Group which will be based in the Replication Group made by the SAN Admin,
From the SRM Console Go to Protection Group and from the Getting Started tab click on Create a protection Group
You will ask your self a very basic question here !!
Why all this Datastores is grouped together in one Check Box??
Can I separate this Datastores from each other??
How it will affect my recovery??
The answer is very simple,
For the First question the answer is: All this Datastores Lun`s is grouped in one SRDF Replication Group and because of this you have no choice else protecting them all together in one Protection Group,
For the Second question the answer is: To separate them you need to ask the SAN admin to separate the Replication Group as per your requirements,
For the third question the answer is: Yes it will affect your recovery plan because once you have all this Datastores in one protection group so you will need to recover all of them together,
Choose the Protected Site (HO Site) and you will find the available Array Pairs, choose which array pairs will be used (the one containing your Datastores Lun`s)