Friday, September 13, 2019

Part-5: Test Failover

In the previous posts we went through deploying Prism Central in Main site and DR site, Enable Leap, Configure Availability Zones and creating Protection Policies, Create, Configuring and Validating Recovery Plans

Part-1: Prism Central One-Click Deployment (Click Here)
Part-2: Enabling Leap and Configure Availability Zones (Click Here)
Part-3: Create and Configure Protection Policies (Click Here)
Part-4: Create and Configure Recovery Plans (Click Here)

In this post we will go through Test the Recovery Plans by conducting Test Failover,

After Validation completed, lets do a Test Failover to make sure all are good, same like Validation, select your recovery plan, click on Actions and then click on "Test"

Review and confirm your request, click "Proceed"

On the Test review, if get some Warnings!! Some Errors!! then you need to take some manual actions to proceed, check the following example, we get a warning that the Cluster is having unsupported License

Click on the Action drop-down menu and you can complete your test and fix the warning message later by applying the correct license on the cluster, 

All VMs which belong to your recovery plan will be powered-on on your DR Site, and they will be attached to Test Failover vNetwork and VLAN

From PE or PC, check VMs list, you will find all recover plans VM's powered up and attached to Test Failover Network and ready to be used,

All VM's will recovered with it's original name + "Test-"

After Test is completed sure we need to clean everything and return to original status, don't worry you will not need to flush test VMs manually, click on Actions and click on "Clean-up test VMs"

You will get a message to confirm if you would like to proceed with cleaning up the test by deleting Test VMs, Click "Clean-Up"

Here we go, all VMs has been deleted and Test recovery has been cleaned up,

In the next posts we will go through conducting a Planned Failover (Migration) and Un-Planned Failover (Recover from a Disaster):

Part-6: Planned and Un-Planned Failover (Coming Soon)