Thursday, September 12, 2019

Part-1: Prism Central One-Click Deployment

In this post we will cover the required steps to deploy Prism Central,

From Prism Element main page on the upper left side look for Prism Central, click on "Register or Create new"

If you are joining your cluster to Prism Central already deployed locally or even on another Cluster then you will click on Connect, in our scenario here we need to deploy new one then we will click on Deploy

You don't need to download manual and upload here, you get the option to select your version and download directly from the console, select the version you want to use and click on Download

You have two options here, either to deploy single VM or Scale-Out to highly available 3-VM PC, in my scenario here i will go just simple deployment of single PC, click on Deploy 1-VM PM

Give your PC VM a name, VM resources (CPU, Memory, Storage)

Scroll down to configure Network, Select VLAN, Set your VM IP Address and other TCP/IP configurations and Click Deploy

Thats it, your deployment is in progress

All ready now, just click and you get access to your PC

Now we completed the deployment for Main Site, we need to do the same from DR site to deploy DR Site PC,

In the next post we will go through enabling Leap Service in both sites, Connect both site to other site as Availability Zone to other Site:

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