Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Adding New Disk to Linux VM running on Nutanix AHV (Part-2: Creating new Volume group and new Logical Volume)

We extended the current Volume group and Logical Volume with the new added disk to the VM, 
In this post we will go through How to create a new Volume Group and new Logical Volume and we will mount it to a new mounting point,
To create a new Volume Group and new Logical volume we will start with same steps like what we did in the first post:
-       Add the new disk from Nutanix Prism
-       FDISK
-       Physical Volume Create using “pvcreate
Next step we will run the command “vgcreate” give a new name to the new Volume Group

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Adding New Disk to Linux VM running on Nutanix AHV (Part-1: Extending Current Volume group and Logical Volume)

In this post, I will go through the Steps to Add a New Disk to Linux VM running on Nutanix AHV,
In my example, I have Oracle Linux 6.5 VM running with one assigned disk with 100 GB and we want to add another disk with 350 GB, first let’s check the status of the available Volumes with the command “pvscan”
Note that you have only one Volume with 100 GB

Now let’s List all available disk Partitions by running the command: Ls /dev/sd*
The command will list all available hard disks

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Invisible Infrastructure: In-Place Hypervisor Conversion

The Most powerful Infrastructure is the Infrastructure you don’t see or interact with, in another word the “Invisible Infrastructure

Single Interface that combined Compute, Storage, DR, Cloud connect and even the HYPERVISOR and more, we are talking about the future of the IT “Enterprise Cloud” we are talking about NUTANIX.

One of the very cool new features in the new edition of AOS 4.6 is the ability to convert the Hypervisor running in your Cluster, in this blog post we will go through the conversion from ESXI to AHV and from AHV to ESXI,

The beautiful part that every thing is automated and GUI even the Guest VMs are converted to the hypervisor target format with no effort,

Let’s start with the first step after having the NUTANIX Cluster up and running ESXI hypervisor, Click on “Convert Cluster”

Read the notes and consider the requirements then click on “AHV”