Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Adding New Disk to Linux VM running on Nutanix AHV (Part-2: Creating new Volume group and new Logical Volume)

We extended the current Volume group and Logical Volume with the new added disk to the VM, 
In this post we will go through How to create a new Volume Group and new Logical Volume and we will mount it to a new mounting point,
To create a new Volume Group and new Logical volume we will start with same steps like what we did in the first post:
-       Add the new disk from Nutanix Prism
-       FDISK
-       Physical Volume Create using “pvcreate
Next step we will run the command “vgcreate” give a new name to the new Volume Group

Type “lvcreate” to create a new Logical Volume, identify the size and on which Volume Group

In this step we will create the file system for the new Logical Volume using the command “mkfs.ext4

We will mount the new Logical Volume file system to the mounting point using the command “mount

Last step is to extend the Logical volume with the new added space using the command “lvextend”

Here we go,
Type “lvdisplay” to display all logical Volumes, our new added logical volume is up and ready to use

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