Wednesday, October 28, 2015

VMware vRealize Operations Manager Step by Step (Part-4) Policy Configurations (Allocation Or Demand?)

Out of the box, the Default Policy in vRealize Operations is set to use an Allocation Capacity planning model for most Object types.

In many other circumstances, a better starting point would be to apply a Demand based policy for most Object types and resource dimensions.

We will go through how to make this changes and what difference they will make to the Capacity Planning Analysis results.


Uses simple mathematics to do capacity planning. Works only on containers & Datastores Reduces the CPU, VM or DISK SPACE allocated to a VM from the total available. The total available can be hypothetically increased by using Over commitment Ratios

CPU Demand: Amount of CPU resources an object would have used if there was no contention Demand (Mhz) for CPU comes from vCenter Metrics. Derived as Percentage by vROps Demand can be Greater than , Equal to or Less than Usage

Memory Demand: Derived by vROps by using Active Memory + Overheads

Network Demand: Derived by vROps using network usage per vNic as a percentage of the bandwidth.

Disk Demand: Sum of the queued IO commands and the outstanding IO commands as a percentage of the overall capacity. It is derived by vROps.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Dell Acquires EMC; VMware to Remain Independent

طبعا كلنا سمعنا امبارح عن خبر بيع EMC الى DELL وطبعا لكل المهتمين بشركة VMware فيه سؤال بيطرح نفسه علينا كلنا ......
ايه مصير VMware فى الموضوع ده ؟؟
وخصوصا ان DELL عندها بعض ال Softwares اللى بتتنافس مع بعض منتجات VMware 
على سبيل المثال وليس الحصر فيه تنافس  فى الآتى:
VRealize operations and DELL Foglighr
VMware Horizon View and DELL vWorkspace
الإجابة من VMware بخصوص ده ان VMware سوف تبقى مستقلة كشركة منتجة للبرمجيات ولن يتم دمجها فى DELL software 
المصدر من موقع VMware