Monday, July 29, 2019

Nutanix Async DR - Cloning VM from Snapshot to DR Site

In the previous post we went through the steps of configuring Main site and DR site as a remote site to each other and create a protection domain including which VM's will be protected from Main site to DR site, details on the following link:

Async DR - Basic setup and Protection Domain Configuration (Click Here)

In this post we will go through the steps of Cloning protected VM to DR site,

In this scenario we have normal access to Main site and the original VM is working with no issues but we need to clone another copy for the same VM from the DR site.

From the DR Site go to Data Protection page and select the protection domain from the list, once selected you will be able to select "Local Snapshot", select the version you want to restore (Clone) your VM from, for example if you set your replication schedule every 1 hour with retention of 10 last copies then you will find here 10 versions from the last 10 hours,
Select your snapshot and click on "Restore"!

Select which VM or VM's you want to restore and click OK

Here you go, your cloned VM is ready, click power on and start using it,

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