Monday, July 29, 2019

Nutanix Cross Hypervisor DR

Nutanix provides cross-hypervisor disaster recovery for migrating and DR services between two sites running diffrent hypervisors (ESXi and AHV Clusters). 

Now let's go to step by step to build your cross-hypervisor DR scenario, before you start you need to make sure that your network connectivity between both sites is healthy and both sites are reachable from the other site,

From Main site Prism interface click on the main tab and go to Data Protection and click on it

Now we need configure each site (Main Site and DR Site) as the Remote Site to the other site, then configure Network and Storage Mapping, create protection domain, add which VM's will be protected,

Please go back to the previous post: 
Async DR - Basic setup and Protection Domain Configuration for the required steps to finish these configurations,

For recovery options please check the following posts covering diffrent recovery scenarios:
While the VM will be running on two two diffrent Hypervisors, you will need to have the drivers for ESXI and Nutanix Guest tools on your protected VM's,

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