Monday, July 29, 2019

Nutanix Async DR - Planned Failover

In the previous post we went through the steps of configuring Main site and DR site as a remote site to each other and create a protection domain including which VM's will be protected from Main site to DR site, details on the following link:

Async DR - Basic setup and Protection Domain Configuration (Click Here)

In this post we will go through the steps of a planned migration for protected VM's from Main site to DR site,

As first step we need to double check that every thing looks normal in DR site, go to Data Protection page to make sure that the protection domain is listed, you will find the protection domain but not as active and if you check the VM page you will not find the VM's as it is currently running in the main site.

From Main Site we go to Data Protection page, you will find the protection domain as Active and you can see the Green Circle beside the protection domain name, look down you will find Migrate button, click on it

You will get a message to confirm if you want to migrate the protection domain and to which site, select your remote site and click on Migrate,

Migration process will start by deactivating the protection domain from main site and then activate the protection domain in DR Site

Very simple!!
After the task complete you will find your protection domain in DR site as Active and you can see the Green Circle beside the protection domain name,

If you go back to Main Site you will find the protection domain as deactivated 

Now from DR Site go to VM page, you will find all the protection domain VM's are migrated and in Power off status

All what you need to do now is to power on your VM's and start using it from DR Site

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