Thursday, September 12, 2019

DR Orchestration (On-Prem Leap)

Nutanix Leap will help you setup, configure, orchestrate and automate all the DR services from centralized location from Nutanix Prism Central, From AOS 5.11 onward, Nutanix adds protection policies and recovery plans to Prism Central for AHV and ESXi, offering an easy way to orchestrate operations around migrations and unplanned failures, Now you can apply orchestration policies from a central location, ensuring consistency across all your sites and clusters, To help manage these new protection policies and recovery plans, Nutanix uses a construct called Availability Zones managed by one Prism Central. An availability zone can also represent a region in Nutanix Xi Cloud Services

Before you start you need to make sure that your network connectivity between both sites is healthy and both sites are reachable from the other site,

My Lab consist of two Nutanix Clusters (Main Site) and (DR Site), on each site we will deploy Prism Central which will be integrated together to provide single logical management layer for our Leap DR services,

After completing deploying Nutanix Clusters in both sites we need to deploy Prism Central in each site we need to enable Leap in both sites, then configure each site as the Availability Zone for the other site, Creating Protection Policies (Adding VM's to Protection Policies), Set RPO, Set Local and Remote retention, then configure Recovery Plans by defining the sequence of recovering VM's in DR site, configure Network mapping,

After this your setup is ready, you can Test Failover, Planned Failover (Migration), Un-Planned Failover (Recover from a Disaster),

In the following Posts we will cover all step starting from Deploying Prism Central all the way to finalise your complete setup and all kind of failover (Test, Planned and Un-Planned):

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