Monday, November 16, 2015

VMware vRealize Operations Manager Step by Step (Part-5) Creating vRops Email Notifications


Configure an optional SMTP server to activate email service for reports and for notification messages when a problem occurs. Administrative alerts occur when vCenter Operations Manager detects a problem with one or more of its components and cannot collect data from the monitored objects.

To configure the Email Notification first we should have access to the vRops admin Portal, from the main menu click on Content,



Then go to Notifications Settings


Click on the + to Add a new Rule


Here we will add the needed configurations like the name, recipient email address, how many time the notification will be sent, delay to notify

Also we can filter which alerts should be sent based on what vCenter Object, for example (Cluster, Host, VM …etc)

Also we can filter based on the Notification Trigger (Health, Risk or Efficiency)

Also we can filter based on the criticality (Info, Warning, Immediate or Critical)


We will also need to Configure the SMTP and SNMP Settings for vCenter Operations Manager,


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