Sunday, June 21, 2015

VMware vCenter 6 Step by Step (Part 1) Installation

VMware vSphere 6 came with lots of changes and new features, but we can say that the Installation is not that different from earlier versions,
For the ESXI deployment its almost the same experience, for the vCenter we will talk in details about Installation Step by Step,
Some new enhancement in the vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA):
  • Linked Mode is Supported.
  • 1000 hosts and 10,000 VMs using the embedded database.
Now lets start the step by step for the vCenter 6 deployment over Windows Server 2012 with DB hosted in Microsoft SQL 2012
First you need to install 
26-May-15 11-41-01 AM
After installing the fix we can start the vCenter installation, Select vCenter Server for Windows, Click Install
Screenshot 2015-05-26 02.18.00
Click Next
Screenshot 2015-05-26 02.18.11
Read and Accept the Terms of the Licenses Agreement, Click Next
Screenshot 2015-05-26 02.18.17
vCenter 6 came with some topology architecture changes if we compare it with earlier versions,
The architecture become easier and consolidated into only two components:
  • vCenter Management Server
  • Platform Services Controller
The Platform Service controller provides the following infrastructure services:
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Licensing
  • Certificate Authority
The vCenter Management Server consolidates all the other components:
  • Inventory Service
  • Web Client services
There are two deployment options to chose from (Embedded Deployment) and (External Deployment),
The External Deployment to be selected if we will have multiple vCenter need to be linked or we need to deploy more than one Platform Service controller within the environment for the sake of high availability,
For our deployment we will go with Embedded Deployment,
Screenshot 2015-05-26 02.22.01
You must configure the System Network Name that must be a FQDN or an IP address.
Screenshot 2015-05-26 02.22.04
This is our first vCenter, Lets select Create a new vCenter Single Sign-On domain, and click Next
Screenshot 2015-05-26 02.23.01
Specify the vCenter Service account, most probably this user is a normal domain account with Administrator permissions on the vCenter server,
Screenshot 2015-05-26 02.24.29
Once you put the Account User Name and password and Click next you will get the following error message, indicating that this user dose not have the “Log on as a Service Privilege”
Screenshot 2015-05-26 02.30.26
Go to the Local Security of the vCenter Server and add “Log on as a Service Privilege” to the User name that will be used as a service account,
Screenshot 2015-05-26 02.30.42
Database Settings, two options to select from (embedded database) or (External DB), I already created DB on external SQL Server and ODBC created in the vCenter Server, Select from the list and click Next,
Screenshot 2015-05-26 02.35.43
Configure Ports, leave default and click Next,
Screenshot 2015-05-26 02.35.53
Installation Destination Directory, leave default and click Next,Screenshot 2015-05-26 02.35.57
Review, Click Install
Screenshot 2015-05-26 02.36.00
That’s it ,, we are done
Screenshot 2015-05-26 02.50.10
Next post will discuss the basic configurations and Active Directory integration

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