Tuesday, June 23, 2015

VMware vCenter 6 Step by Step (Part 2) Basic Configurations

In the first post we finished the installation of the vCenter,
VMware vCenter 6 Step by Step (Part 1) Installation
We will continue in this post with the basic configurations and Hosts add and Cluster creation,
First thing we need to do is to log in to our new vCenter using Administrator Account for vSphere.Local
Screenshot 2015-05-26 03.20.06
Here are the first look using Web client
Screenshot 2015-05-26 05.44.39

Now we need to add our Active Directory to be integrated with our vCenter,
Go to: Administration > Single Sign-On > Configurations then Add from the (+) button
 Screenshot 2015-05-26 05.46.28
Select Active Directory (Integrated Windows Authentication)
Screenshot 2015-05-26 06.13.09
Now we can assign permissions for Active directory Users,
From the same Administration menu go to Global Permissions and Add from the (+) button
Screenshot 2015-05-26 06.17.14
From the Drop down menu you will find the domain name listed, select the domain name, search for the user you want to grant permission to, click add, then OK
Screenshot 2015-05-26 06.17.51
Now we can log in to our vCenter using our Domain accounts\
Screenshot 2015-05-26 06.18.58
We will start with the very basic configurations by creating vSphere Cluster and adding hosts,
Right Click on vCenter Icon and click Create Datacenter, after creating the Datacenter right Click on it and click New Cluster
Screenshot 2015-05-27 23.47.20
From the new Cluster Wizard we will start by check both Turn On vSphere HA and Turn On vSphere DRS,
Screenshot 2015-05-27 23.48.42
The Dynamic Resource Scheduler (DRS) default automation level selection, I will leave the default value, Fully Automated
Screenshot 2015-05-27 23.48.52
Power Management, Off
Screenshot 2015-05-27 23.48.54
vSphere HA
Screenshot 2015-05-27 23.48.56
Leave Default, Click Next
Screenshot 2015-05-27 23.48.58
Leave Default, Click Next
Screenshot 2015-05-27 23.49.00
The EVC is the Option to be used in case we have two different CPU Model from the same Vendor (Intel or AMD)
If so then you need to check from the VMware Compatibility Guides web site for the Mode that your Both CPU are supporting and chose it as your EVC Cluster Mode,
For more details go through the following:


Screenshot 2015-05-27 23.49.02
Leave Default, Click Next
Screenshot 2015-05-27 23.49.04
Review, Click Finish
Screenshot 2015-05-27 23.49.06
Add your Hosts to the Cluster, and here we go
Screenshot 2015-05-28 00.19.28

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