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VMware vRealize Operations Manager Step by Step (Part-3) Sizing and requirements of the Cluster

There is a very common question will come across your mind,

What is the resources needed for my vRealize Operations Manager? how many Cluster nodes? 

Let me simplify this with straight forward Answer, It is depend !!

  • how large is your environment you will monitor and analyze
  • metrics you plan to collect
  • number and type of resources collected
  • number and type of adapters installed
  • Do you have HA or no
  • the duration of data retention,
  • quantity of specific data points of interest, (symptoms, changes…etc.)
  • and how long you need to store your data

During the wizard of the installation in Part-1 we selected the Deployment Configuration (Small) which will take resources 4 vCPUs and 16 GB RAMs, this configurations can support up to 2000 VMs


For Extra configurations use the following sizing table guide from VMware,



  • Maximum number of remote collectors (RC) certified: 50
  • Maximum number of VMware vCenter adapter instances certified: 50
  • Maximum number of VMware vCenter adapter instances that were tested on a single collector: 30
  • Maximum number of certified concurrent users per node (regardless of node size): 4
  • If you enable High Availability (HA), then the number of the nodes will be two times more than in a non HA configuration - 8 nodes is the limit. You do not need to account for any HA overhead beyond that.
  • An object in this table represents a basic entity in vRealize Operations Manager that is characterized by properties and metrics that are collected from adapter data sources. Example of objects include a virtual machine, a host, a datastore for a VMware vCenter adapter, a storage switch port for a storage devices adapter, an Exchange server, a Microsoft SQL Server, a Hyper-V server, or Hyper-V virtual machine for a Hyperic adapter, and an AWS instance for a AWS adapter.
  • The limitation of a collector per node: The object or metric limit of a collector is the same as the scaling limit of objects per node.  The collector process on a node will support adapter instances where the total number of resources is not more than 2,400, 5,000, and 10,000 respectively, on a small, medium, and large multi-node vRealize Operations Manager cluster.  For example, a 4-node system of medium nodes will support a total of 20,000 objects. However, if an adapter instance needs to collect 8,000 objects, a collector that runs on a medium node cannot support that as a medium node can handle only 5,000 objects.  In this situation, you can add a large remote collector or use a configuration that uses large nodes instead of small nodes.
  • If the number of objects is close to the high-end limit, dependent on the monitored environment, increase the memory on the nodes.  Contact Product Support for more details.


Knowledge Base - Sizing the vRealize Operations Manager Cluster

vRealize Operations Manager 6.0.1 Sizing Guidelines (2109312)





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